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professor profile
  • 1994: Ph.D., University of Michigan
  • 1987: M.S., Seoul National University
  • 1985: B.S., Seoul National University
Research Interests
  • Electronic Structure and Magnetic Properties of Solids
  • Strongly correlated matericals
  • Multifunctional Magnetic Oxides
  • Magnetic Thin Film and Multilayer Systems
  • Heterostructural Oxides
Major Research Achievements
  • Mechanism for ferroelecticity in multiferroic YMnO3
  • Anomalous orbital and bond Anisotropy in polar magnet semiconductor
  • The origin of ferromagnetism in diluted magnetic semiconductor
  • The first observation of a Half-metallic Ferromagnet
  • Discovery of anomalous magnetic behaviors at the surface boundary of CMR materials
  • Characterization of charge carriers in Double Managanites