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professor profile
  • 1985: Ph.D., Ohio State University
  • 1975: B.S., Seoul National University
Research Interests
  • Quantum conduction and coherent electron motion in nanostructure systems
  • Chiral quantum transport in graphene and topological insulators
  • Josephson coupling in graphene and topological insulators
Major Research Achievements
  • Phase-coherent transport in mesoscopic systems of reduced dimensions such as thin films, nano wires, quantum dots
  • Intrinsic Josephson tunneling, Josephson vortex dynamics, THz radiation, interlayer tunneling spectroscopy in intrinsic nano-stacked high-Tc single cryscals
  • Quantum-Hall effect, superconducting pair, transport, thermoelectric transport, and spin-polarized transport in grapehene
  • Topologically robust surface transport, superconducting proximity effect, Majorana bound state in topological insulators