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78 [Prof. Jong-Bong Lee, Prof Jae-Hyung Jeon] Formation of cellular close-ended tunneling nanotubes thr…
Professor : Prof. Jong-Bong Lee, Prof Jae-Hyung Jeon 2022-04-14
Prof. Jong-Bong Lee, Prof Jae-Hyung Jeon 2022-03-30 20
77 [Prof. Gil-Ho Lee, Prof. Gil Young Cho] Long-lived non-equilibrium quantum states could lead to im…
Professor : Prof. Gil-Ho Lee 2022-03-21
Prof. Gil-Ho Lee 2022-03-17 46
76 [Prof. Tae-Hwan Kim] Circular Dichroism of Emergent Chiral Stacking Orders in Quasi-One-Dimensional …
Professor : Prof. Tae-Hwan Kim 2022-01-28
Prof. Tae-Hwan Kim 2022-01-27 60
75 [Prof. Yoon-Ho Kim] Heisenberg-Limited Metrology via Weak-Value Amplification without Using Entangle…
Professor : Prof. Yoon-Ho Kim 2022-02-04
Prof. Yoon-Ho Kim 2022-01-25 39
74 [Prof. Daesu Lee] Flexoelectric control of physical properties by atomic force microscopy
Professor : Prof. Daesu Lee 2022-01-06
Prof. Daesu Lee 2021-12-29 43
73 [Prof. Gil-Ho Lee] Spin-orbit Torque Switching in an All-Van der Waals Heterostructure
Professor : Prof. Gil-Ho Lee 2022-01-05
Prof. Gil-Ho Lee 2021-12-14 51
72 [Prof. Gil-Ho Lee] Twisted van der Waals Josephson Junction Based on a High-Tc Superconductor
Professor : Prof. Gil-Ho Lee 2022-01-05
Prof. Gil-Ho Lee 2021-12-09 37
71 [Prof. Yoon-Ho Kim] Noise-resistant quantum communications using hyperentanglement
Professor : Prof. Yoon-Ho Kim 2021-12-13
Prof. Yoon-Ho Kim 2021-12-02 43
70 [Prof. Jun Sung Kim] Colossal angular magnetoresistance in a nodal-line magnetic semiconductor
Professor : [Prof. Jun Sung Kim] 2021-12-14
[Prof. Jun Sung Kim] 2021-11-26 61
69 [Prof. Changyong Song] The Secret to DNA Packing to One-Millionth Its Size
Professor : Prof. Changyong Song 2021-12-13
Prof. Changyong Song 2021-11-16 368
68 [Prof. Heedeuk Shin] Active Information Manipulation via Optically Driven Acoustic-Wave Interference
Professor : Prof. Heedeuk Shin 2021-09-28
Prof. Heedeuk Shin 2021-08-19 114
67 [Prof. Heedeuk Shin] Optical Energy-Difference Conservation in a Synthetic Anti-PT-Symmetric System
Professor : Prof. Heedeuk Shin 2021-09-15
Prof. Heedeuk Shin 2021-08-17 126
66 [ Prof. Gunsu Yun, Prof Dong Eon Kim] Quasi-equilibrium phase coexistence in single component sup…
Professor : Prof. Gunsu Yun, Prof Dong Eon Kim 2021-12-21
Prof. Gunsu Yun, Prof Dong Eon Kim 2021-07-31 33
65 [ Prof. Gunsu Yun]Collisionless relaxation of a disequilibrated current sheet and implications for …
Professor : Prof. Gunsu Yun 2021-06-28
Prof. Gunsu Yun 2021-06-18 196
64 [Prof. Jun Sung Kim, Prof. Tae-Hwan Kim] Superconductivity emerging from a stripe charge order in Ir…
Professor : Prof. Jun Sung Kim, Prof. Tae-Hwan Kim 2021-05-28
Prof. Jun Sung Kim, Prof. Tae-Hwan Kim 2021-05-26 249
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