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Role of Entrepreneurship in a National Economy


"Netherland enjoys one of the highest per-capita incomes in the world and is also one of the highest contributors for UN projects to help the poor, yet its territory is comparatively small without much of natural resource to speak of, and furthermore, a quarter of it is underwater that has to be constantly pumped out water to be usable.

What makes a country prosper while another chronically poor economically?
Is it the natural resources, the climate, or the government of the country? Is it the people of the country themselves that make the difference?

All of the above factors may have some influence, but none of them can be the answer. The only rational answer one can find to the question above might be Entrepreneurship, a relatively abstract term that is very much to do with the culture of a country. Indeed, the entrepreneurship has been the main engine that propelled the now developed countries to their current position. It is also the engine that helps to sustain them to stay where they are.

The talk will visit the definition of entrepreneurship in a large and narrow senses and its role in a national economy. It will also discuss how the entrepreneurship spirit can help a developing country and enable it to catch up with the developed, and help attain the Millennium Development Goal (DMG) of the UN.