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Multi-hierarchy simulation bridging gaps between macro- and microphysi…


" Magnetic reconnection is a typical nonlinear complex phenomenon controlled by multi-hierarchy physics from microscopic physics relating to electron and ion dynamics through macroscopic one such as plasma transport in a global scale. However, there are huge scale gaps in both space and time between macro- and microphysics of magnetic reconnection. Two different types of simulation models have been developed in order to bridge huge gaps between macro- and microphysics. One is a magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) model in which the information of microphysics obtained from a particle-in-cell (PIC) simulation is introduced in a form of electric resistivity.

The other is an MHD-PIC interlocked model in which a simulation region is split into PIC, MHD, and interface domains, and the micro- and macrophysics in each domain is solved with PIC and MHD models while exchanging their information through the interface domain. The details will be discussed in my talk."