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PHYSICS/BK21 Colloquium(2008/11/07)


"      “Surface phase transitions  
          from Langmuir monolayer and
              ionic liquid systems”

Speaker : Prof. Doseok Kim [Sogang University]
Place : Physics Seminar Room (Science Bldg, 3-201)
Date & Time : Nov.  7(Fri)  4:00 ~ 5:00 pm


Two unique phase transitions observed from surface of soft matters will be introduced. First system is monomolecular layer self-assembled on water surface (Langmuir monolayer). We changed the per-molecular area of the fatty acid monomolecular layer on water and monitored the system with imaging ellipsometer, identifying structural change of the monolayer and its eventual collapse into multilayer films. Second system Id like to discuss is ionic liquid-class of materials consisting only of cations and anions but existing in a liquid form at room temperature. Crystallization of liquid surface at a temperature higher than the bulk melting temperature was observed from this material.

Contact Person : Prof. Ki Bong Lee"