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PHYSICS/BK21 Colloquium(2008/11/28)


"“Optical Conductivity of Graphenes”

Speaker : Prof. S. -R. Yang [Korea University]
Place : Physics Seminar Room (Science Bldg, 3-201)
Date & Time : Nov.  28(Fri)  4:00 ~ 5:00 pm


Graphene may have a significant impact in electronics. Its electrons move ballistically over submicron distances, even under ambient conditions.
With their high speed, the electrons take less than 0.1ps to cover the typical distance between source and drain electrodes. However, many aspects of its basic transport properties are not well understood. In this talk I will first give a brief introduction to unusual transport properties of graphene, such as Klein tunneling, absence of localization, and possibility of universal value of conductivity. Then I discuss the value of conductivity in the presence of non-perturbative many body effects.

Contact Person : Prof. Prof. Byung Il Min(054-279-2074, bimin@postech.ac.kr)