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PHYSICS/BK21 Colloquium(2008/12/05)


"Big Science and POSTECH

Speaker : Prof. Won Namkung [POSTECH]
Place : Physics Seminar Room (Science Bldg, 3-201)
Date & Time : Dec.  5(Fri)  4:00 ~ 5:00 pm


The Pohang Light Source (PLS) is the first big science project in this country.POSTECH therefore earned a reputation of having ability to conduct big science projects. It provided, of course, an intangible asset for POSTECH. Recently, we proposed the PAL-XFEL and PLS-upgrade programs, and we expect soon good news on the government funding. The big science belongs naturally tobig and/or advanced countries due to the large-scale resources of man-power, technology, and budget. As a university, POSTECH is one of a few institutes in the world to conduct big science projects. We may trace this tradition from the vision of founding leaders for POSTECH and PAL;POSCO Chairman Tae-joon Park and President Hogil Kim. In this talk, we review big science projects in this country and the role of POSTECH in the future for the advancement of science research.

Contact Person : Prof. Ki Bong Lee (054-279-2068, kibong@postech.ac.kr)