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Important Announcement on COVID-19

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2021.01.04 / 173




[Important Announcement on COVID-19]


In order
to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and to ensure POSTECH members
health, POSTECH is imposing several
prevention measures and regulations. We hope to gain understanding and
cooperation of all our members. Please refrain from going outside and avoid any
non-urgent gatherings. We highly recommend you to use hand sanitizers and wear
a mask.

In case of
a fever, or any other COVID-19 symptoms, please contact the following
department/institution immediately.

< >

POSTECH Health Service Center: 279-2620;

Pohang Namgu Health Center: 270-4033;

Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC):


POSTECH Infection Prevention Measures and Countermeasures

Notice of Prevention Measures (Link): Appendix 1

Travel routes of the confirmed case from Pohang (Source:
Pohang city): Appendix 2


University Events including student activities and
associated events are recommended to be postponed or cancelled (If the
infectious disease alert level is raised one notch higher to “red,” all
university events must be cancelled).


Installment of Thermal Imaging Camera and Gateway Control
of Multi-facilities: starting Feb. 21(Fri)

Student Union Bldg./Jigok Community Center: Accessible
with POSTECH ID Card (Smart Card) (Visitor accesses are restricted)

Haedong-Aurum Hall (Student Dining Hall): Opens for
students only, accessible from the dormitory-side gate only

Wisdom (Staff Cafeteria): Opens for POSTECH members only,
accessible from the dormitory-side gate only

Thermal imaging camera will be installed at the entry of
both Haedong Aurum Hall (Student dining hall) and Wisdom (Staff cafeteria)


Disinfection of Multi-facilities on Campus

< > On-campus cafeterias and Food Services
Shops: Self-disinfection is carried out twice a day
< > 


Dormitory Check-In

Family members and friends must refrain from entering
dormitory buildings and labs

Individuals who had contact with a diagnosed person or
someone who visited (including layovers) China can check-in after a 14-day
self-quarantine period.

On-campus residents must adhere to infection prevention
measures and wear a mask if any COVID-19 symptoms are shown.

If feeling unwell, report symptoms to the Housing
Services immediately (279-0188 (day-time), 279-3701 (night-time)).


Department / Graduate Administrative Teams (including laboratories
/ independent institutions)

Remind affiliated members of COVID-19 prevention measures
(spread and infection)

Place hand sanitizers in public areas of
each department building (including elevators)   

Should prepare own masks and hand sanitizers

recommended to wear a mask for outside contact (including

Request for outsider (including parents) access control
(attach the notice on the front door)

Request to refrain from outside events and business
trips, especially China.

If unavoidable, the
party should be in quarantine and thoroughly follow prevention measures


Postponement of commencement 2019 (new date: 7/10),

Cancellation of matriculation and orientation for new
students (will be conducted online)




Director of Infectious Diseases Control and Managmeent

Junwon Park


Appendix 1

[Notice of COVID-19 Prevention

Prevention Measures

A person who has visited China after January 14, 2020
(including layover) should report the travel history to General Affairs and
affiliated departments.

If you have a respiratory illness including cough, wear a
mask (You must wear a mask when visiting medical centers or going outside).

If you have a fever, respiratory illness, or any other
COVID-19 symptoms, you must immediately report and visit Pohang Namgu Health
Center (Address: 161-1 Indeok-dong, Nam-gu, Pohang (Open Hours: 9:00 a.m. -6:00

Wash hands under running water for 30 seconds

Refrain from visiting areas outside the campus


Reasons for tardiness, absence, or early leave of a
student and/or staff members must be identified a day after the incurring day.
All suspect cases must be reported to the staff in charge of infection control.

POSTECH members who had contact with a diagnosed person
or visitors to China (including layovers) must be in self-quarantine for 14

All suspect cases (including self-report) must be
reported to affiliated institutions and departments

*Pohang Namgu Health Center: 270-4033 (Korea Centers for
Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC): 1399)

*Affiliated Departments à General
Affairs (POSTECH Health Service Center: 279-2620)

Evacuation of suspect cases: POSTECH patrol car

Medical Examination and Treatment: Pohang Namgu Health
Center, Pohang St.Mary’s Hospital, Pohang Semyeong Gidok Hospital, Pohang
Medical Center (for medical treatment)

Reports: Following the university’s organization chart, a
confirmed case alert will be announced on POVIS 
à must be
reported to the Housing Services and the chair of the affiliated department

Advice for medical treatment for individuals who had
close contact with the confirmed cases: Affiliated department and POSTECH
Health Service Center

Monitoring of the hospitalized (confirmed) and
consultation with the medical staff in charge: POSTECH Health Service Center

Return to POSTECH after treatment (Issuance of
confirmation document)



Route of the Confirmed Patient from Pohang (Confirmed case #70)

2020.02.17. 12:50 – Daegu Seobu (West) Terminal to Pohang
(Bus #131)

2020.02.17 13:40 – Arrived at acquaintance’s house
(Daejam Adelia, Namgu, Daejam-Dong)

2020.02.17 22:30 – Arrived at a grocery store (Replus)
located in Jangsung-Dong by personal vehicle; Returned home after grocery
shopping (Duho Siyeong Apt. complex #1, 7-10, Samheung-ro 74beon-gil, Buk-gu,

2020.02.18. 11:00 – Jangsung-Dong to Daejam-Dong by bus;
Took a bus #101 from Bukbu Beach; Transferred to bus #108 from Jukdo Market

2020.02.18. 14:22 – Visited COA otolaryngology clinic

2020.02.18. 14:44 – Visited Mirae Health Pharmacy

2020.02.18. 15:30
– Arrived home (Duho Siyeong Apt. complex #1, 7-10, Samheung-ro 74beon-gil,
Buk-gu, Pohang-si) by bus #130 & #105

2020.02.19. 17:00 - Visited Semyoung Gidok hospital by
personal vehicle; Returned back home after medical examination

2020.02.20. 08:42 - Diagnosed COVID-19 while in

2020.02.20. 12:30 – Hospitalized at a Gyeongsangbuk-do
designated hospital (Pohang Medical Center)


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Korea (KCDC) and Pohang Medical
Centers have closely checked the travel route of the confirmed case in Pohang
City. Following the order of KCDC, the patients are placed under quarantine and
those who have made close contacts with the patients are asked to be in
self-quarantine and follow medical guideline.  


Please refer to the above travel routes of the confirmed case and check whether
your travel route overlaps with it (both incurring and the following day). If
it does, please notify the university as soon as possible and follow the below

Please wear a mask all the time and follow individual
hygiene guideline.

If you have a respiratory illness (including cough,
sputum, and difficulty of breathing) or a fever (above 37.5
 °C), please consult it with either KCDC or
Pohang Namgu Health Center. After consultation, you should share the guideline
and health status with the university.

If necessary, you will
be asked to be in self-quarantine.