• Introduction
  • Introduction
What is Physics?
Physics is a basic science that attempts to give you a full of comprehension, explanation and reasonable prediction for natural phenomena on the foundations of the most fundamental principles in the universe.

Physics is an enormous field and covers diverse area of study including nuclear and particle physics, condensed matter physics, fluid dynamics and plasma physics, atomic, molecular, and optical physics, biophysics, complex systems, computational physics. The performance of the physics provides the foundations of the adjacent fields such as astronomy, earth science, chemistry, material science, biotechnology, and so forth. Since a number of fields, for instance, econometrics, financial engineering have started to apply the methodology of physics to their study in recent times and the utility of this subject is more increasing.

POSTECH The Department of Physics
Since its establishment in 1988, the department of physics in POSTECH has been aiming to be a world-class physics department that nurtures future of physics through outstanding education and leading-edge research.

POSTECH department of physics aims to the world-class human resource cultivation and the academic achievement, with respect to education and research.
In regards to education, we purpose to explore overall subjects of physics with wide range of understanding of various adjacent branches. We desire to develop challenging and adventurous learners into great leaders possessing creative and integrative reasoning abilities and pioneering new fields, not only in physics, but also in various areas of the expertise .

In regards to research, we want to focus on the creative studying capabilities to reach the best standard in the world in the aspect of quality of the study. By thorough (study) and interdisciplinary research, we seek to create new fields by developing worldwide, highly influential research performance, pursuing enterprising and innovative research.

Present of The Department of Physics in POSTECH
POSTECH department of physics has a leading population structure commensurable with the fame as research-centered university.
POSTECH department of physics has a total of 31 professors dedicated to education and research in the field of condensed matter experimental/theoretical physics, optics, biological physics/complex system, plasma/accelerator, particle theoretical physics. As a research-centered university selecting more graduate students than undergraduate students, we pursue the world-class excellent education and leading-edge research by maintaining the composition ratio of 8.1(2.6 undergraduates, and 5.5 graduate students) students per faculty.

We have established an intimate education/research network with various enterprise organizations, research institutes, and research centers in and around POSTECH physics department.
Internally, we have invited BrainKorea21 PLUS(BK21 PLUS) Physics Project, Center of Topological Matter, and Quantum Optics Basic Laboratory, and externally, we have constructed a close cooperative relation sharing educational and research infrastructure with Asia Pacific Center of Theoretical Physics(APCTP), Max Plank POSTECH/Korea Research Initiative(MPK), Institute for Basic Science(ibs) campus research team.

POSTECH department of physics has produced talented people not only in the area of physics but also in the adjacent or industrial fields.
Over the past 30 years, we have produced 524 graduates (in August 2017), and they have made their way and done their role as a leader in home and abroad universities, research institutes, major companies, and venture businesses.

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