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20242024.02.29Kim, Dong-Eon honorary professor Appointment
2024.02.23Lee, Tong-Nyong honorary professor pass away
20232023.03.16Suh, Junho professor Appointment (Mechanical quantum oscillators / Superconducting quantum circuits)
20222022.08.31Kang, Myung-Ho honorary professor Appointment
2022.08.01Kim, Heejae professor Appointment (Ultrafast spectroscopy)
2022.03.01Moohyun Yoon honorary professor Appointment
2022.03.01Park, Kyung-Duck professor Appointment(Condensed matter physics)
20212021.09.01Park, Jae Hoon 15th head professor
2021.03.01Min, Byung Il honorary professor Appointment
2021.02.05Choi, Sang-il honorary professor pass away
20202020.07.01Shon, Min Ju Professor Appoinment(Biophysics)
2020.03.01Cho, Moo Hyun honorary professor Appointment
2020.02.01Park, Ji Woo professor Appointment(Quantum Optics)
20192019.08.01Lee, Ki Bong honorary professor Appointment
2019.08.01Hong, Chung Ki honorary professor Appointment
2019.03.01Jeong, Yoon Hee honorary professor Appointment
2018.09.01Ko, In Soo honorary professor Appointment
2018.09.01Lee, Hu-Jong honorary professor Appointment
2018.09.01Lee professor Appointment (Condensed matter physics)
2018.05.01 Gil Young Cho professor Appointment(Condensed matter physics)
2018.03.01Bang, Yunkyu professor Appointment (Condensed matter physics) : APCTP chif scientist
2018.01.01 Kim, Huicheol professor Appointment (particle physics theory-string theory)
20172017.09.01Ryu, Chang-Mo honorary professor Appointment
2017.07.01 Lee Gil-Ho professor Appointment (Condensed matter physics_low temp experiment)
2017.03.01 Chung, Jinwook honorary professor Appointment
20162016.12.01 Bum-joon, Kim professor Appointment (solid state physics-x ray and neutron scattering spectroscopy)
2016.09.01 Jeong, Seokmin honorary professor Appointment
2016.09.01Jae-Hyung Jeon professor Appointment (statistical physics/ biophysics)
2016.03.01 Jisoon Ihm Endowed-Chair Professor Appointment (Condensed matter physics)
20152015.08.01 Shin,heedeuk professor Appointment(quantum optics)
2015.02.01 prof.Kim, Seunghwan Appointed chairman of the 26th journal of the Korean Physical Society
2015.02.01 Song, Changyong professor Appointment (Condensed matter physics-XFEL)
20142014.11.01 Selected as the best QSS performing department
2014.10.29 Kim, Seunghwan Appointed chairman of the 24th kofac
2014.09.01 Sung, Wokyung honorary professor Appointment
20132013.09.01 Designated as the highest authority department of Joongang ilbo university evaluation
2013.09.01 Selected as BK21 Plus Physics Division
2013.09.01 Designated as the highest authority department of Joongang ilbo university evaluation
2013.08.01Kim, Jee Hun professor Appointment(Experimental Condensed matter physics)
2013.08.01Kim, Tae-Hwan professor Appointment(Experimental Condensed matter physics)
2013.06.01 IBS(institute for basic science )Campus Research Team (Director: Prof. Yeom, Han Woong )
2013.03.01 Kim, Jai Sam honorary professor Appointment
2013.03.01Bang, Yunkyu professor Appointment(Theoretical Condensed matter physics)
20122012.12.01 Yoon, Moohyun 14th head professor
2012.09.01 Yun, Gun su professor Appointment(Plasma Physics)
2012.05.01National Research Foundation of Korea Selected as a Creative research promotion business (low dimension electronic symmetry Research group director:Yeom, Han Woong )
2012.03.01 Kim, Ki-Seok professor Appointment (solid state physics)
20112011.10.25 Selected as a SRC (topological material research center director:Lee, Hu-Jong )
20102010.11.16 Jung, Woo-Sung professor Appointment(Econo/Socio physics)
2010.09.01 Kim, Kwang-Je master professor appointment (Argonne National Laboratory : The University of Chicago)
2010.03.01 Yeom, Han Woong professor Appointment (solid state physics experiment /nano physics)
20092009.12.01 Jeong, Yoon Hee 13th head professor
2009.09.01 Park, Soo Yong honorary professor Appointment
2009.03.01 Namkung, Won honorary professor Appointment
2009.03.01 Kim, Dong-Eon 12th head professor Appointment
2009.02.02 Kim, Jun Sung professor Appointment (Superconductor)
2009.01.05 Lee, Nam Ki professor Appointment (single molecule spectroscopy)
20082008.09.01 Jeong, Yoon Hee 11th head professor
20072007.12.01 Park, Hyun key professor Appointment (nuclear fusion plasma)
2007.03.01 Min, Byung Il 10th head professor
2007.02.15 Lee, Jong-Bong professor Appointment (biophysics)
20062006.04.01 CHEONG, SANG-WOOK Endowed-Chair Professor 임용 (Rutgers Univ.)
2006.04.01 second step BK21 Basic Science Selected by the National Research Institute of Physics
20052005.03.01 Jeong, Seokmin 9th head professor
2005.02.22 Jhi, Seung-Hoon professor Appointment (Condensed matter physics theory)
20042004.09.01 Salk, Sung Ho honorary professor Appointment
2004.02.16 Kim, Yoon-Ho professor Appointment (quantum optics experiment)
20032003.06.12 1th symposium of Ho-gil Kim
2003.03.01 Chung, Jinwook 8th head professor
20022002.08.26 Lee, Hyun-Woo professor Appointment (Theoretical Nanoscale Transport)
2002.02.15 Choi, Sang-il honorary professor Appointment – KAST Academy lecture and publication ceremony
20012001.10.22 Lee, Hee In Visiting professor Appointment
2001.08.24 Park, Jaemo professor Appointment (quantum field theory)
2001.08.22 asia pacific center for theoretical physics (APCTP)
2001.02.01 Ko, Gun Su professor Appointment (biophysics)
20002000.10.27 KPS research paper presentation in autumn 2000
2000.09.01 Min, Byung Il 7th head professor
2000.08.10 Namkung, Won Appointed chairman of Asia-Pacific physics association
2000.07.01 eletronic Spin Science Center SRC (Director: Jeong, Yoon Hee)
19991999.08.01 Oh, Sei Yeong pass away
1999.05.01Park, Jae-Hoon professor Appointment (condensed matter physics experiment)
19981998.12.01 Established Institute of Theoretical Physics
19971997.08.29 Lee, Tong-Nyong honorary professor Appointment
19961996.10.01 The 3rd Asia-Pacific International Conference on Atomic Molecular Physics
1996.09.01 Lee, Hu-Jong 6th head professor
19951995.07.23 Namkung, Won 5th head professor
19941994.12.07 Pohang Accelerator Laboratory Completion
1994.08.18 Lee, Jae Koo 4th head professor
1994.04.01 principal.Kim, ho-gil pass away
1994.04.01 Designated as a center for physics research institute by the Institute for Basic Science(IBS)
1994.03.01 Park, Soo Yong 3th head professor
19931993.09.01 Best judge in national university physics department evaluation
1993.08.01 First Doctoral Degree Awarded at the Graduation Ceremony of Late 1992
1993.06.01 15th solid state physics symposium
19911991.09.09 Sisterhood with Moscow Applied Physics University
1991.08.01 Kim, Dong-Eon professor Appointment (plasma physics , X-ray optics)
1991.04.01 Start of Pohang radiation accelerator
1991.02.01 1th Bachelor's Degree Awarded
19901990.07.01 Kang, Myung-Ho professor Appointment (Condensed matter physics theory)
1990.02.07 1th master degree graduation ceremony
1990.01.01 Kim, Seunghwan professor Appointment (non linear mechanics)
19891989.08.16 Choi, Sang-il 2th head professor (Condensed matter physicstheory)
1989.08.01 Cho, Moo-Hyun professor Appointment (plasma and accelerator)
1989.07.01 Lee, Jae Koo professor Appointment (plasma physics, prof Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering)
1989.03.01Park, Soo Yong professor Appointment (particle and plasma physics)
19881988.12.01 Ryu, Chang-Mo professor Appointment (plasma and accelerator)
1988.11.01 Lee, Tong-Nyong professor Appointment (plasma physics : Accelerator Research Director)
1988.10.01 Yoon, Moohyun professor Appointment (Accelerator Physics)
1988.10.01 Holding the Fall Conference of the Korean Physical Society
1988.09.01 Salk, Sung Ho professor Appointment (many body theory Condensed matter physicstheory)
1988.08.01 Kim, Jai Sam professor Appointment (particle physics and computational physics)
1988.06.01 Namkung, Won professor Appointment (plasma and accelerator: Accelerator Research Director)
1988.06.01 Jeong, Yoon Hee professor Appointment (Condensed matter physics experiment)
1988.04.01 Establishment of Pohang Synchrotron Accelerator Construction Promotion division
1988.03.02 Entrance of the first graduate course freshmen
1988.03.01 Ko, In Soo professor Appointment (plasma and accelerator)
19871987.12.01 Oh, Sei Yeong professor Appointment (accelerator director of accelerator)
1987.11.09 Graduate School Establishment allowed by Ministry of Education
1987.08.01 Min, Byung Il professor Appointment (Condensed matter physics theory)
1987.07.01 Lee, Sung Ik professor Appointment (Condensed matter physics experiment)
1987.06.01 Lee, Hu-Jong professor Appointment (Condensed matter physics experiment)
1987.05.01 Chung, Jinwook professor Appointment (Condensed matter physics experiment)
1987.03.05 Entrance of the first undergraduate freshman student
1987.03.01 Sung, Wokyung 1th head professor
1987.01.01Lee, Ki Bong professor Appointment (Condensed matter physics experiment)
19861986.11.30 department of physics Building completed
1986.11.25 Physics Department Installation allowed by Ministry of Education
1986.08.01 Jeong, Seokmin professor Appointment (surface and vacuum physics experiment)
1986.06.01 Sung, Wokyung professor Appointment (statistical physics biophysics)
1986.03.01 Oh, Jong Hun professor Appointment (statistical physics biophysics)