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Physics department at POSTECH aims to foster world-class leaders in various research fields.
Graduate education program at the POSTECH physics department focuses on 3 merits: “Excellent Research Capabilities”, “Communication Skill and Teaching Ability”, and “Strict Ethical Integrity”. In order to achieve these goals, all students must enroll as MS & Ph.D. integrated course.

Education Outline
The graduate education program at the physics department aims to balance between research and theoretical acquisition.
Graduate program in physics department is comprised of education which is balanced between establishing theoretical bases by attending various classes and increasing practical problem-solving abilities by conducting research under advises of supervisors. We are not only concentrating on the basic subjects, such as analytical mechanics, electrodynamics, and quantum mechanics, and advanced subjects, but also growing experiences of research for students by taking part in the projects of professor from early times. Furthermore, there are additional lectures for special topics which are directly related to the research fields for the projects of professors.


Graduates of the physics department at POSTECH have become professors and researchers at universities, government-funded research centers, and at major companies such as Samsung Electronics.

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