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The Department of Physics at postech produces not only physics but also human resources in the nearist field of academia or industries.
Over the past 30 years, 524 graduates (as of August 2017) have been released. They have entered the domestic and overseas universities and research institutes, international company, and venture companies and they are working as a leader in each field.

global company research center and government funding research institute
degree global company research center ( 31% ) government funding research institude ( 14% )
ratio(%) major company name ratio(%) major research center name
ph.d 23 samsung semiconductor research institude 17 National Fusion Research Institute
Samsung display Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science
Samsung SDI
LG electronics Korea atomic energy research institute
master 33 LG display 11 Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute
Bachelor 14 SK hynix 5 PLS
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