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MS & Ph.D Integrated Course
※ The Ph.D. program is selected after the advisor, and the rest are the same.

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Advisor Selection
This is a very important phase in that you have to choose what you will be studying during the degree period, and who you will advised by. During the 1st semester of your study, you will converse with professors of interest, and list up to 3 professors that you would like to be advised by. Mutually agreed opinions by both the professor and the student will be respected . However, one professor can accept up to 6 students per 3 years.

Qualifying Exam (QE)
Refer to the “Education Program”.

In this phase, you have to present to a panel of professors including your advisor, about what you will be researching during your years of doctoral study. The panel will check your understanding of the subject and whether or not your research proposal is executable. This should be completed by no later than 1 year before your graduation.

Submission to international journals
In order to get a doctor’s degree, you have to have at least 2 SCI papers, or 1 PRL paper (or a paper of a similar value).

This is a phase where you are evaluated whether or not you have the merits to stand alone as a researcher, i.e. whether or not you can define a meaningful question of study. You will have to orally present in front of a panel of professors including your professors.

Submission of Graduation Thesis
In this last phase of preparing your graduation, you have to write a graduation thesis about your research with thorough explanation of experimental background.
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