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  • Undergraduate
Objectives of Education
The department of physics in POSTECH aims to excellent student nurturing with respect to undergraduate courses.
Undergraduate courses in POSTECH department of physics intend students to establish their thorough foundation of overall physics with wide understandings of neighboring fields of study. We want to cultivate students as comprehensive and challenging leaders who embody creative and convergent thoughts and explore new fields beyond others, not only in physics but also in diverse professional area.

Outline of Curriculum
Curriculum for undergraduate students in POSTECH department of physics pursue the suitable courses not only for majoring physics but also other fields.
We have prepared undergraduate course curriculum that breaks away from the traditional course which is designed only for whom want to continue studying physics after graduate, and that enable all students including someone who want to go into other fields to familiarize with the methodology of physics. For this, we modularized subjects so that students can easily elect appropriate classes depending on their career paths. Moreover, a variety of lectures have been provided for students instead reducing redundancy of contents by associating general physics, classical mechanics, electromagnetism, quantum physics, and statistical mechanics in undergraduate and graduate courses, (and lectures of graduate levels have been allowed for some excellent undergraduate students in advance with opportunities of conducting their research earlier when they graduated.)

Current Status of Career
Graduated students have not only been furthering their education at physics department in POSTECH, as well as in home and abroad universities, but also been creating their way in major companies such as SAMSUNG Display, SK Hynix, and venture businesses.
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