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  • Do you have a good educational environment for your child?

    POSTECH maintains Postech Childcare Centers in order to alleviate the burden of childcare of school members and to improve their education, research and work skills.
    Seven professional teachers provide safe and quality education for 12 hours (7: 30-19: 30) daily for preschool children (ages 1 - 4) at Postech Day Care Center.
    In addition, there are POSCO Kindergarten, POSCO Elementary School, POSCO Jigok Elementary School and POSCO Middle School under the POSCO Educational Foundation, POSTECH High School (independent private high school) and Gyeongbuk Science High School (opened in July 2021)

    We have the best educational environment in Korea.

    Pohang University of Technology Daycare Center: www.postech.ac.kr/tag/어린이집/

    POSCO Educational Foundation: https://www.posef.or.kr/
  • Does it support housing?

    posvile, a research institute in POSTECH, provides a total of 150 households with five residences and offers married accommodation (120 households) and single accommodation (30 households, 1 generation for 3 persons). The use of posville can be used for up to 5 years and is available for a monthly fee of 650,000 won per generation (utility fee not included). Near the researcher's residence there are many facilities such as Postech Day Care Center, POSTECH Gym, POSPLEX pool, and Health care center.
  • Does the study of the department actively proceed?

    The Department of Physics at POSTECH is actively engaged in research through various networks with domestic and overseas research institutes as well as research exchanges within the department. Through the Pohang Accelerator Research Institute (PAL), Max Planck Institute of Technology (MPK), Institute for Basic science (IBS), Atomic Control Low Dimensional Electron System Research Center, Topology Materials SRC Research Center, Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics (APCTP), There are a variety of opportunities for collaborative research with leading universities and research institutions at domestic and overseas. In addition, seminars and tutorials for the Physics Department / MPK Colloquium, IBS + SRC monthly, APCTP lectures, seminars and lectures are held regularly.
  • Can I get Fellowship support?

    The Department of Physics at POSTECH selects the research professors and postdoctoral researchers every year through the BK Plus program to support the highest level of fellowship in Korea. We also provide the highest level of fellowship through the Max Planck Institute of Technology (MPK), the Institute of Basic Science (IBS), and the Asia Pacific Institute of Theoretical Physics (CALDES), Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics (APCTP)

    In addition, we are providing help for the research professors or postdoctoral researchers at POSTECH to be selected as research projects for future generations researcher such as the Research Support Fellowship (former Research Fellowship).
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