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Welcome message

  • From establishment in 1986 at the same time as POSTECH, the first research-oriented university in Korea, we have sought to improve our international academic awareness and leadership, focused on the elevating qualitative superiority, nurturing great students and providing effective lectures and student guidance.

    Selecting more graduate students than undergraduate students and maintaining ratio about 8.1 students (2.6 undergraduates, and 5.5 graduate students) per faculty, which is comparable to prestigious universities around the world such as CALTECH, we are developing creativity, initiative, and global leadership with the world - class faculty, students, researchers who are devoting to their work day and night in our department.

    Furthermore, we have made an intimate cooperative relation sharing educational and research infrastructure with internationally leading groups such as Pohang Accelerator Laboratory(PAL), Asia Pacific Center of Theoretical Physics(APCTP), Max Plank POSTECH/Korea Research Initiative(MPK), Institute for Basic Science(ibs), and some strategic fields in our department shown excellent research performances.

    In order to become the internationally renowned department, we, the whole members of the physics department are trying to improve the constitutions of department for raising global visibility, and focus on growing tactical research fields such as materials in the future, and (technological) convergences, with the great passion today. Thank you again for visiting our website.
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Department of Life Science Director Yoon, MoohyunPOSTECH
    Head of Department of Physics
    Park, Jae Hoon
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