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  • Could you provide more information about the department of physics?

    Introductory programs of department of physics for freshmen include 'lectures on introducing departments of physics' and 'activity of visiting individual department' in first semester, and 'Introduction to Physics' and 'Freshman Research Participation' (basic elective) classes in second semester.

    - Through lectures on introducing departments and activity of visiting individual department students can obtain more specific information about departments, and opportunity to contact and talk with seniors.  


    - In ‘Introduction to Physics (PHYS100)’ course, students will resolve their curiosity about the natural phenomena experiencing in daily life through principles of physics, and will learn about various concepts of physics by scientific way of thinking.  


    - In 'Freshman Research Participation (PHYS199)' class, students will be introduced to variety of cutting-edge research areas in physics and will be obtained the opportunity to contact the principles of physics in real, out of the textbook, and to participate in the demonstration of latest experiments entering the lab in our department.
    Freshmen who are interested in majoring physics can select professor in department of physics as their semi academic adviso and they can counsel with them about what present advisor could not take care, such as studying problem, career, curriculum, research related to prospect major.  


    Someone who are curious about research area conducting in POSTECH department of physics can gain specific information by visiting our website below. Students who are interested in some fields could send email to correspond professors at any time. POSTECH department of physics is always open for students interested in physics! 



  • What kinds of jobs do physics majors obtain after graduation?

    Bachelor of physics degree usually go on to physics society conducting cutting-edge research by entering universities in and abroad including POSTECH physics department. Furthermore, they also create their way in industrial fields such as major companies such as Samsung Display, SK Hynix, and venture businesses. In addition, students may play remarkable role in various area, for instance, politics, art, and so on.

    According to recent 3 years (2016~2018), the ratio of the students go on to study is about 80%, and they make their way both research societies and industrial fields after obtain doctorate degree. Especially, the ratio of students who have become faculty of physics and adjacent fields in and abroad universities is 8%, which is excellent quality considering the young history of POSTECH department of physics. Out of research area, there are also numerous fields which students enter such as government organization, venture business, artist, theatre production, newspaper company, medical school, science high school teacher, patent agent, public servant, financial agency, and so on.
  • What do you learn in physics course?

    Undergraduate course is prepared to enable all students including someone who want to go into other fields to familiarize with the methodology of physics. For this, we modularized subjects so that students can easily elect appropriate classes depending on their career paths. Through introductory courses of quantum physics and relativity, students may obtain the background knowledge about modern physics. Learning the basics of (classical) mechanics, electromagnetism, quantum physics, thermal physics, and then they would attend elective major courses. Furthermore, for students who want to go on their study and to become physicists, we permit to attend graduate classes in advance to enable conducting their research earlier when they graduated.
  • Why study physics?

    As the most fundamental branch of science, physics studies elemental principles of overall natural phenomena from sub-atom to the whole universe. The ability of critical thinking in physics that students would establish from majoring physics is directly related to problem-solving capability used not only in natural science but also in various fields such as sociology, economics, industrial area, and so forth. Therefore, students of physics department play a key role in diverse fields after graduation.

    The education for undergraduate students in POSTECH department of physics aims to establish the foundation of overall physics thoroughly, as well as to understand various adjacent fields comprehensively. Nurturing students to be challenging and exploring new fields with creative and convergent thinking, we will cultivate the leaders of a lot of different professional fields as well as of physics area.
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