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Graduate Admission
Physics department at POSTECH selects those who is full of questions about how nature works, and those who can get along well with other members of the department.
Graduate education program at the POSTECH physics department focuses on 3 merits: “Excellent Research Capabilities”, “Communication Skill and Teaching Ability”, and “Strict Ethical Integrity”. In order to achieve these goals, all students must enroll as MS& Ph.D. integrated course.

Admissions to Graduate School in 2020 Go to Admission Information
1.Documental Screening
2. Character evaluation or a major oral examination
MS& Ph.D.integrated course
oral Classical mechanics, electrodynamics, and quantum mechanics
15 minutes of exam for each subject
character Basic knowledge of major
Interview by head of the department
Ph.Doral Masters' thesis & research proposal
10 minutes of oral presentation & 10 minutes Q&A
character Basic knowledge of major
Interview by head of the department

전공분야 세부전공분야 교 수 진
응집물리실험 나노-중시계/양자전도, 표면물리, 초전도, 자성체, 전자분광, 진공물리, 방사광 x-ray 산란, 전자구조이론, 나노구조 및 나노전도이론 김범준,김준성,김지훈,김태환,박재훈,송창용,염한웅,이대수,이기봉,이길호
응집물리이론 자성이론, 전자구조이론, 나노물성계산, 나노구조 및 나노전도이론, 강상관전자계의 비섭동적인운동 양자적 위상 물질 이론 강명호,김기석,민병일,방윤규,이현우,조길영,지승훈
양자광학/극고속 과학 양자광학, 양자정보, 응용광학  김동언, 김윤호, 신희득, 홍정기
생물물리/복잡계 단분자 생물물리, 생물/비평형 통계물리, 비선형/복잡계, 뇌연구, 비선형/복잡계, X-선 실험 김승환, 이종봉, 전재형, 정우성
플라즈마/가속기 플라즈마 쉬스, 응용 플라즈마, 빔 물리학, 비선형 플라즈마,  차세대가속기개발, 핵융합플라즈마, 고압력 플라즈마 윤건수, 윤무현, 조무현
입자물리이론 끈이론과 M-이론, 초대칭양자장론, 입자이론, 천체물리학 김희철, 박재모
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