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2021-01-30 [DongAscience] Prof. Lee, Gilho “’Quantum jump’ into the quantum computer world where Google and Int… 관련링크
2021-01-04 [News1] Prof. Yeom, Han Woong, the vice-chairman of Presidential Advisory Council for Science and Te… 관련링크
2021-01-04 [Dong-A Science] Prof. Song, Changyong captures very short time scale phenomena no one has ever seen 관련링크
2021-01-04 [Etnews] Prof. Lee, Hyun-Woo developed a fast, non-volatile magnetic memory technology 관련링크
2021-01-04 [MBN] Prof. Sohn, Min Ju selected for four projects and concluded a research agreement at MDimune 1s… 관련링크
2020-10-29 [etnews] Prof. Lee, Daesu, embodies a new physical phenomenon controlling atomic structure distortio… 관련링크
2020-10-07 [Yonhap News] Prof. Lee, Gil-Ho, developed supersensitive microwave bolometer…apply to quantum compu… 관련링크
2020-09-28 [Yonhap News]Prof. Ihm, Jisoon Receives the IAAM Scientist Award 관련링크
2020-09-24 [Yeongnamilbo] Prof. Park, Jae Hoon (Leader of Max Planck-POSTECH/Hsinchu center) “Pohang, outstandi… 관련링크
2020-07-28 [etnews] Prof. Lee, Gil-Ho “observed higher-order topological insulator…found a clue of quantum comp… 관련링크
2020-07-28 Prof. Song, Changyong appointed as Mueunjae chair professor 첨부파일
2020-06-22 Prof. Park, Jee Woo and Prof. Lee, Hyun-Woo selected for Samsung research funding for future technol…
2020-06-22 Graduate student Bu, Gayun (advisor: Prof. Lee, Jong-Bong) wins grand prize (Minister Prize of Minis… 관련링크
2020-06-22 Professor Min, Byung il wins the Order of Service Merit 39th teacher’s day
2020-06-22 [JoongAng Ilbo] Prof. Lee, Hyun-Woo reveals the principles of optical spin-orbit torque generation 관련링크