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professor profile
  • 2017: Ph.D., University of Colorado, Boulder
  • 2010: M.S., Inha University
  • 2008: B.S., Inha University
Research Interests
  • Atomic, molecular, optical physics (optical instrumentation, nano-optics, single-molecule spectroscopy)
  • Condensed matter physics (characterizations of quantum materials, strong light-matter interactions)
  • Quantum information science (sensing, metrology, single-photon source)
Major Research Achievements
  • Development of tip-enhanced cavity-spectroscopy (TECS) [Science Advances 2022, Advanced Functional Materials 2021]
  • Development of adaptive tip-enhanced nano-spectroscopy (a-TERS, a-TEPL) [Nature Communications 2021]
  • Development of tip-enhanced strong coupling (TESC) spectroscopy [Science Advances 2019]
  • Development of GPa scale tip-enhanced nano-spectroscopy [Advanced Materials 2021, ACS Nano 2021]
  • Observation of dark excitons at room temperature [Nature Nanotechnology (2019)]
  • Development of nonlinear nano-optical crystallography [Nano Letters (2019)]
  • Observation of real-time motion of a single-molecule [Nano Letters (2016)]
  • Development of tip-enhanced photoluminescence (TEPL) spectroscopy [Nano Letters (2016)]