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  • General Physics Laboratory I
General Physics Laboratory I
1. Objectives
The experiments in this laboratory course have been chosen to make the students to have hands-on experiences on basic principles of physics learned in the lecture and to prepare them for the advanced courses which will be taken in the future. In particular, these experiments have the following objectives
II. Lab Grades
The lab grades are given according to the relative excellency criteria.
The code of academic honesty and integrity must be honored during the whole lab experiments as in other classes. If it is found to be violated in your report or exam, the grade will be confiscated.

III. To The Students
Ⅳ. Laboratory Reports
V. The Relationship Between Students and Lab Instructor
You can discuss with your instructor during the lab or outside the class on the physical concepts and ideas you are working on. You are strongly encouraged to do so. In no case will the grade you will be affected by asking silly or trivial questions.
Ⅵ. Final lab test
At the end of the semester a closed-book lab test will be given. This test will contain questions where you will make experimental measurements similar to the ones given in th
Ⅶ. Other Regulations
1 . Food and beverages are not allowed in the lab.
2 . Clean your experiment area when you leave the lab, after finishing the experiments
Subject name : General Physics Experiment-I Subject number : PHYS-103 Grade : 0(Lecture)-2(Experiment)-1(Grade)
Professor Tel. E-mail
Prof. Song, Changyong 279-2096
Prof. Kim, Jun Sung 279-2098
Prof. Lee, Daesu 279-2063
1.Goal of this class
Students will learn about the fundamental concepts of physics introduced at General physics-1 lecture (PHYS-101) by several experiments. Moreover, they will exercise how to use experimental instruments and how to analyze experiment data.
2. Preliminaries and essentials for this lecture
There is no preliminaries. However, we highly recommend students to attend this class with General physics-1.
3. Grades
Pre-lab test 20%, report 80%, Attendance (deductible point) *Absence over 2 times without any cause will lead to fail.
4. Textbook and reference
(Textbook) ; General Physics Lab I Manual + General Physics Lab I Report
(Reference) "University Physics with modern physics" by Young and Freedman "An Introduction to Error Analysis" by John R. Tayor
5. Plan for lectures 
Refer to syllabus
6. Purchasing place for textbook
Tae-Joon Park digital library basement, OFFICE NEX (오피스넥스, Call: 054-279-2614) 
Week Date Experiment Theme
1 2/21~2/25 Orientation / Theory of errors / Team organization (Online)
2 2/28~3/4 Measurement and analysis (Online)
4 3/13~3/18 CLASS CANCELED
5 3/21~3/25 Gravitational acceleration measurement (Manual / MBL) (Online)
6 3/28~4/1 Newton’s second law – force, acceleration, and mass (Online)
7 4/4~4/8 Application of the law of motion – circular motion and centripetal force (Online)
8 4/11~4/15 Mid-term study week (CLASS CANCELED)
9 4/18~4/22Various collisions and linear momentum conservation (Online)
10 4/25~4/29 Moment of inertia of the solid body (Online)
11 5/2~5/6 Simple harmonic oscillation using physical pendulum (Online)
12 5/9~5/13 Make-up class and Sunrise Festival (CLASS CANCLED) - 5/12, 13
13 5/16~5/20 Dynamical oscillation (forced oscillation) and resonance (Online)
14 5/23~5/27Structure, function, and instructions of the oscilloscope (Online)
15 5/30~6/3 Measurement of sound speed using air column resonance instrument (Online)
16 6/6~6/10 Final exam
-  Note: This schedule may be changed depending on the circumstances
-  Inquiry: General Physics Lab (Tel. 054-279-5424, Location: Science building IV, room 103)

Sun. Time Class No. T.A. Cell. e-mail Professor Place
Mon. 09:00~10:50 1 서민교 010-7271-4182 조경현 Science Building Ⅳ, room 102
1300~14:50 2 신재용 010-8280-9373 한승진
16:00~17:50 3 하연태 010-9466-1145 조무현  
Tue. 9:00~10:50 4 최용빈 010-9775-4869 한승진  
13:00~14:50 5 최용빈 010-9775-4869 조경현  
16:00~17:50 6 신재용 010-8280-9373 한승진  
Wed. 9:00~10:50 7 서민교 010-7271-4182 조경현  
13:00~14:50 8 김동권010-2491-2887 한승진  
16:00~17:50 9 하연태 010-9466-1145 조경현  
19:00~20:50 10 이연규 010-3910-8295 한승진  
Thu. 9:00~10:50 11 정우찬 010-6655-0179 한승진  
13:00~14:50 12 정우찬 010-6655-0179 조경현  
16:00~17:50 13 김동권 010-2491-2887 한승진  
19:00~20:50 14 이연규 010-3910-8295 조경현  
Fri. 9:00~10:50 15 허재욱 010-2619-7691 조무현  
Experiment theme (pdf file) Goal Video Document
1-0 Theory of errors
오차의 종류와 측정값에 대한 통계적 처리방법들을 간단히 살펴본다   오차와 편차 유도
엑셀을 이용한 자료분석법
1-1 Measurement and analysis
오차표현, 보고값, 그래프 형식 및 분석 그리고 간단한 길이측정을 통해 과학적 자료처리를 위한 기초를 익힌다. 폐활량 측정
단진자의 주기측정
버니어 캘리퍼스
1-2 Gravitational acceleration
고전적인 실험 (Manual)과 컴퓨터를 기반으로하는 실험(MBL)으로 중력가속도, g를 측정하고, 두 방법을 비교해 본다. 실험1
데이터 저장1
데이터 저장2
1-3 Newton’s second law – force and acceleration
힘-가속도, 가속도-질량 그리고 힘-질량 사이의 관계를 조사하여 뉴턴 운동법칙을 검증한다. 실험1
1-4 Application of the law of motion – circular motion and centripetal force 뉴턴 운동법칙을 원운동에 적용하여 구심력, 회전반경 그리고 회전주기 사이의 관계를 조사한다. 실험1
1-5 Various collisions and linear momentum conservation
두 물체의 다양한 충돌을 통해 선운동량이 보존되는지를 조사한다. 장치셋업
1-6 Moment of inertia of the solid body
질점분포가 서로 다른 강체를 이용하여 질점분포와 관성모멘트 사이의 관계를 조사한다. 실험1
1-7 Structure, function, and instructions of the oscilloscope
오실로스코프의 구조, 동작원리 및 그 작동방법을 익힌다. 실험1
1-8 Simple harmonic oscillation by physical pendulum 강체의 단조화운동을 통한 주기와 관성모멘트 사이의 관계를 조사한다. 장치셋업
1-9 Dynamical oscillation
진동계의 고유진동수를 이해하고 강제진동 시 공진현상과 맥놀이를 조사한다. 실험1
1-10 Measurement of sound speed using air column resonance instrument
한쪽 끝이 닫혀있는 폐관내의 소리의 공명현상을 이용하여 음속을 측정한다 실험1  
1-11  Measurement of speed of light
공기 중 빛의 속도를 변조 방법으로 측정하고, 투명 고체매질 안에서 빛의 속도를 측정하여 굴절률을 구해본다.